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My practice is guided by personal exploration and understanding of my cultural identity. The journey of self-reflection and discovery begins with the history of colonization and migration in Belize. I am a multicultural Belizean American, and my existence is a result of the colonial experience in the Caribbean. My culture has resisted historical occupation through rebellions and boycotts. This fostered the creation of a national identity known as Creole. I am a product of colonization, which inherently implies an attempted erasure of my ancestral roots.


The punk aesthetic that I was exposed to while growing up in North Hollywood, California, influences my work. My paintings and prints are composed of photographs I have taken while visiting Belize, which feature Belizean people and landscapes. I seek to explore the intertwining of bodies, experiences, and objects in these spaces. My art serves as a guide, both physically and conceptually, to convey the complexity of identity. I utilize a variety of materials and techniques, such as pigment, ink, oil, rubbing, and sanding, to express the multiple layers of identity. Colors from Belize and its architecture often inspire my pieces, which may appear chaotic or unfinished. My art uses layering to demonstrate the connections of mark-making and to represent the transformation that occurs in cultural spaces.


Through my art, I can express the nuances of my identity. Each layer represents a different aspect of my identity and the history that has shaped it. In this way, my art becomes a roadmap for others to follow as they navigate their journey for liberation from the traumas of isolation and exclusion due to erasure

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